Thursday, October 10, 2013

AC unit put in

this is a test idea of using a portable AC unit in the closet.
Unit is exhausted and water lined through the floor.

its in and works, but will it cool, well we will have to see

installing of grill base

 cabinet doors installed

flooring finish

 Fred giving the stop working on that thing look
 purple shag rug

Friday, May 24, 2013


Moved the trailer to the wood shop

Purchased from lumber liquadators in Baton Rouge some in stock flooring, went with 3/8 thick strand, unfortunately they did not have the cork in stock I wanted to use.
Thanks to Denver Boothe for the assist in doing the floor.

had to do some leveling, base layer is helmsman spar gloss on original plywood.

 crack alert!!!

 the glue

 mother assessing the skill of labor, two minutes later she tripped and fell, , , again
 glue going on. . .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update on a few items since February.

I am the owner of a 68 overlander that I have taken deliver of will post a new blog on this project (am thinking of a houseboat project.)
 but Smaug is progressing to completion
 Stool i made for entrance
 cutting board sink covers installed

 bamboo trays put in for utensils

 oven installed

 built some shelving for the storage cabinet
 TV installed

 Fridge put in place

 installed 12 volt LED lighting in the bathroom, new floor and toilet.
Thanks to Denver Boothe for help in setting flooring and bathroom plumbing